“As a parent and a public servant, I have experienced first-hand the challenges and see the opportunities to create a better future for our children in Lynn.”  

Natasha Megie-Maddrey is proud to be running for Lynn School Committee.  She has lived in Lynn for 19 years and is the proud mother of five children, and three are currently still in public schools in Lynn.  Two of her children have special needs, and as a parent she had to learn hard how to ensure their needs are met.

Natasha has served as a leader in her community as an advocate for parents and children in Lynn. She was elected to the Cobbet elementary school improvement committee to try to increase parent voice at the school.  She also serves on the KIPP parent committee and fought to win approval for a new KIPP elementary school in Lynn to provide new school seats to our overcrowded elementary schools.  And she served as a former substitute teacher for three years in Lynn Public Schools and has seen the challenges and opportunities for our children and teachers.

Natasha's campaign at its core is about her being a parent advocate on the School Committee for the parents of all children in Lynn.  Her campaign is about three goals:

1. Equality for all schools:  She has worked across many of our schools in Lynn.  There is an opportunity for all of our schools to share resources and lessons about what works to best educate our children. 

2. Parents Invited to be Involved: Natasha wants to make Lynn a place where we make it easy for parents to be invited and involved in their child's education.  She will make school committee meetings more transparent and provide better services to allow all the diverse members of our community to have access and to be involved in the decisions that impact their children.  

3. Schools as a Center for the Community: All schools should be accessible and have programs that make them a resource to children and the community to educate and enrich the lives of students and adults.

What are other things you want to see for our children in Lynn? Email me at natashamegie@gmail.com – I want to hear from you.




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Donations can be mailed to The Committee to Elect Natasha Megie-Maddrey 36 Beacon Hill Ave. Lynn MA 01902